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The Same Six Questions - Cassandra Blizzard

Give a warm welcome to today's guest on The Same Six Questions, Cassandra Blizzard! In her own words...

Cassandra Blizzard was born and raised in north central Florida. Cassandra is one of the world’s most detailed psychic mediums. She is internationally known for her evidential mediumship skills as well as her psychic abilities, with clients on nearly every continent. She is also an accomplished, award-winning author, with over 30 novels to her credit. She has been writing since the age of 15 and has published numerous short stories, articles, and books. In the realm of mediumship, Cassandra is known for her accuracy and compassionate readings. When it comes to her writing career, she is known for her skills in hopping genres. She has written in nearly every genre, including romance, mystery, thriller, science fiction, and mainstream. She has recently added to her list of writing accomplishments with a spiritual non-fiction series, the first of which is titled Seven Years of Surrender. In fiction, she writes page-turning novels that keep readers avidly engaged. Her non-ficition series promises to be just as engaging.

The Same Six Questions

1. Have you published a book yet?

Yes, I have. I've had multiple books, short stories, and articles published over the past 15 years or so. I've written so many books under so many pseudonyms that it is difficult for me not to mention more than one book. My book Profile (C. D. Blizzard) was originally published by a tiny little publisher in California. I was also on the ground floor of ebook publishing and had several books published through another publisher, the name of which I have forgotten, before moving into the Indie arena. My latest book, Seven Years of Surrender (Cassandra Blizzard) is now available on Kindle and Nook. It was really an emotionally difficult book for me to write. I had to open myself up in a very raw way and reveal myself as objectively and truthfully as I could. The book is a true story about how I became terribly ill from a poisoning and spent seven years wallowing in fear, doubt, and crippling pain. But those seven years of agony became an epiphany that launched me into a new way of looking at life. It was both a painful and yet revelatory time in my life. Seven Years of Surrender is the beginning of my spiritual series of non-fiction books.

2.When did you know you wanted to be a writer?

I think I was born writing. By the time I was 15 years old, I knew that I wanted to be a professional novelist.

3. What was your first lengthy piece of fiction (say,> 1000 words)? What was it about? When did you write it? Do you still have it?

I wrote my first full-length book when I was 15. It was a fantasy that chronicled the war between twin planets. I still have the manuscript somewhere in my mountainous pile of manuscripts.

4. When was your first indication, "I can do this (write)"?

Certainly not my first two attempts at writing novels. (laughs) I didn't feel that confident until I had written my third book. That's when I began seeking an agent. And then I learned that I still couldn't write. Or, at least, not according to their standards. But, I just kept moving forward and developing myself as a writer. By the time I had written my book Blackwater (C. D. Blizzard) I was confident that I was a real writer.

5. If you could meet one of your characters in real life, which would it be?

Zach, from my book Primal (E.J. Deen). Zach is intriguing to me because he is fearless. Not so much fearless in the sense of lacking fear completely, but just able to keep going even in the face of extremefear and extreme situations. He's also a very noble man.

6. It's a dark and stormy're alone in the house...there's a knock at the open it, look out, and proceed to scream like a little girl. What's on the doorstep?

My neighbor. (laughs) Even through the darkness, I could clearly see the blood smeared across matted fur and the foam dotting the ragged whiskers of the rabid raccoon at my doorstep. My brain struggled to find meaning in the scene. Next to the open door, the wind whipped my overgrown ficus into a twisted dance, causing another knocking sound against the house. Lightning flashed across the sky, illuminating the crazed eyes of the small beast before me. Another streak of lightning blinded me in itsbright glare just as the raccoon's jaws opened to attack my bare shins.


Thanks for sharing with us today, Cassandra! For more of Cassandra and her work, check out her blogs (writer and medium), her Your Book Authors profile, Twitter profile, and Facebook page.

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  1. Nice interview, particularly the raccoon. I had one try to open my screen door and get in the house. Yuck! I wish I'd know at 15 that my calling was to be a novelist. Getting started late in life isn't the best way.