Thursday, March 28, 2013

Amazon Buys Goodreads!

Nom nom nom.
This is fresh off the presses, folks. That's right, has purchased Goodreads. If you don't know what Goodreads is, it's only one of the biggest social reading networks around. This purchase raises some very interesting questions. What will happen, if anything, to Shelfari? Does this blur the line between Amazon book reviews and Goodreads book reviews? Safe to assume that Goodreads book pages will no longer link to other book sales sites? Will this cause an exodus of readers from Goodreads? Is this a good thing or bad thing for independent authors? Does it make Goodreads a more valuable tool to the indie author (and does it make the top 10 now)? Would love to hear your comments below.


  1. My initial reaction is oh, no. I don't know what it means in reality, but I think Goodreads' independent days might be over. I like the social part--readers and authors connecting without a 'buy me' overtone. Amazon is so big and so driven by $$ that I have a bad feeling. I guess we'll just wait and see.


  2. Yes! Oh no! And totally agree with the "social without the sales" mentality. It was there if you wanted it, but it wasn't in your face. I hope they can preserve that. I think they'll lose a lot of members if they don't.

  3. Does this mean good news for LibraryThing?

  4. Very good question. Though I didn't spend much time on LibraryThing (LT), it definitely has its core of members. I don't see the "merge" as hurting LT, so I guess it can only help. that is, until LT gets purchased by B&N. ;)