Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Sales Boost

Had to throw out a quick shout out to the Kindle Lovers blog ( There had been some comments over on the KindleBoards regarding this site, so I decided to try it out. They were offering a free posting in return for a link to their site. Fair enough, right? So, I posted thir link (in the left sidebar I believe) and sent them my info. No response, but I didn't think anything of it. Recently, I had some issues with my Kindle Publishing account, so I wasn't checking my numbers. Finally had it resolved last night and went in this morning. I thought it was a glitch! I had been having a horrible month. Somehow, I'd sold 34 copies in 24 hours...and was ranked at #4134...

My highest ranking ever to date, and by far the most I'd ever sold in a day. I then went over to the UK site and found this...
Sweet, right? My UK rank actually improved during the day as I sold 1 more copy there. My US ranking has since slid, which I knew it would, but what a rush! I've got a paid position coming out tomorrow and I'm thinking it couldn't have been timed better. If I do well enough, I might actually push into the top 100 in suspense/thriller, which is not an easy feat. I think I need to get down below #2k though. Lots of competition.

I've since heard that they are backlogged for the moment. No surprise. Once word hits the streets that something is working, it isn't unknown for long. ;)


  1. Yes! I later found out that it pushed me as high as #1889. Too bad #100 in the suspense/thriller category is still ranked <#1000 overall. ;)