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The Same Six Questions - Tiffany Lovering

Today, please welcome to the blog, author Tiffany Lovering! She's here to answer The Same Six Questions!

Thanks, Andy! Well, let me tell you a little about me. I was born in sunny California but moved to upstate New York when I was only three and I’ve been here ever since. I have a beautiful nine year-old daughter, Allison, who keeps me on my toes 24/7 with soccer, plays, and flute lessons. When I have the opportunity to indulge in my own hobbies, I love counted cross-stitch, crocheting, scrapbooking and the occasional computer game. I’m a pretty low-key gal for only thirty years old, but I’ve always loved crafts more than partying late into the night.

Great! Now it's time for...

The Same Six Questions

1. Have you published a book yet?

I currently have three self-published books which are all available on Amazonin Kindle format or on Lulu as paperbacks. I mainly write YA fiction for the upper age group in that genre. I’m probably best known for Tamporlea and Unjust which are two books out of my Tamporlea Trilogy which is an upper YA fantasy. It’s about a young girl, Jasmine, who discovers that she can be Queen in a kingdom of magical gypsies. Throughout her journey she encounters betrayal, war between the three gypsy kingdoms, and a love she can’t ignore.

2. When did you know you wanted to bea writer?

I have always known I wanted to be a writer but I never thought I could write anything that someone would actually want to read. I started writing when I was nine but never showed anyone (even my mother) what I was doing. I just wrote to get my own creative energy out and I was okay with being my only reader for a long time.

3. What was your first lengthy pieceof fiction? What was it about? When did you write it? Do you still have it?

My first lengthy fiction was called Best Friends Forever which was about two girls who are in high school who go to extreme lengths to make their crushes fall in love with them. They do everything short of murder to make the guys forget about anyone except them. It was about 60,000 words and I wrote it when I was fifteen using a typewriter because my mom was too cheap to buy a computer. I have random pages of the book floating around in my study, but many pages are missing after fifteen years of moving to different places. I’ve often thought of re-writing it but who knows when I will get around to it.

4. When was your first indication,"I can do this (write)"?

I was eighteen and in college where I had to take an English course so I chose Creative Writing. I had no idea that we would have to read some of our work out loud. The first time we had to do so, my professor asked that I read first because it was the best short story from a student she had read in a very long time. Then, for later assignments, the other students started requesting that I read my short story first and people would be talking about my stories in the dining hall. It was the first time I thought, wow, I can write stuff other people would actually want to read!

5. If you could meet one of yourcharacters in real life, which would it be?

No doubt about this one, I would love to meet Tyran who is Jasmine’s love interest in the Tamporlea Trilogy. He has this personality that just makes me want to slap him most of the time but it’s impossible not to love him because of how much he goes out of his way to protect Jasmine and the entire kingdom.

6. It's a dark and're alone in the house...there's a knock at the open it,look out, and proceed to scream like a little girl. What's on the doorstep?

My beautiful welcome mat is covered in a hive of killer bees, buzzing so loudly it’s going to haunt me for years to come. I slam the door shut and run down into the basement, trying to separate myself from the hive as much as possible. However, I’m almost positive a few got in during the millisecond that the door was open, so although I’m huddled in the furthest corner in the house, I’m constantly swatting above my head thinking I feel one near me.

Thanks so much for taking the time to share with us today, Tiffany!
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