Sunday, July 3, 2011

How to NOT Use Social Media

1. When using Twitter, do NOT be vague in your bio. You only get a few words to let people know who you are. Writer? Say so. Don’t be cute. If I can’t tell why you’re on Twitter, I won’t follow you back.

2. Do NOT spam me with repeated messages on Facebook. I haven’t seen it often, but recently someone who shall remain nameless has “shared” their post…six consecutive times, creating a wall of identical posts that I have to scroll through. This is spamming. Don’t do it. It makes me want to unfriend you.

3. As a writer, I understand the purpose of Twitter. You’re there to sell your book(s). I get it. I’m right there with you. However, there is a limit. Do NOT send out more than one message a day about the same book. I realize you’re trying to cover various audience reading times and reach as many potential readers as possible, but this is spamming too. Not cool.

4. Do NOT be a snob. If someone follows you on Twitter, or your author page on Facebook, or your blog, etc, and they’re into the same stuff, follow them back! It’s one thing to be picky, but don’t be rude. Pay attention to your followers. That’s your community. They’re the ones you’re trying to reach. Share the love! Of course, if they then engage in any of the first three items, feel free to drop them like the freeloading second cousins they are.

5. Do NOT rain on anyone’s parade. We all have dreams. For some of us, pursuing that dream is what keeps us going. For some, happiness hinges on chasing that dream. Social media puts us in touch with many whose pursuits will never be more than a dream. I, for one, do not want to be responsible for shattering any dreams. Be gentle.

6. Do NOT direct message (DM) me on Twitter more than once about the book you wrote, the blog you’re writing, or something else you’re selling. I saw it the first time. I’ve got your info. If I want to seek out your book/blog/stuff, I know where to find it.

Social Media is a great tool. Use it properly and you’ll see great results. Abuse it and you might just alienate your potential audience.
Got any of your own “Do NOTs” for social media? Please share!

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