Saturday, May 28, 2011

Cover Art for Multiples of Six

So, I'm very excited to show off the new cover art for Multiples of Six.

I'm really quite pleased with it and its creation certainly makes me feel like everything is coming together. There's something a little egotistical about having your name (even if it is a pseudonym) on a book cover. With the new Web site and the cover art complete, it's just a matter of getting the feedback from my phase 2 beta readers in. I'm still aiming for the end of June for my release. But, if I'm not careful (and diligent with what's required of me) it might slip into July. Not a huge problem, but I would certainly like to have it go live sooner.

Looking forward to working on this book over the next month and wrapping up its publication. Then, the real adventure begins and I get to see if anyone actually wants to read it. ;)

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