Multiples of Six

Multiples of Six is a suspense/thriller. The first book introduces the reader to James Masterson, a young twentysomething who recently lost his last living parent to cancer. His otherwise mundane life is tossed on its head when he steps onto his back porch one morning, only to be confronted by a twin he never knew he had. Chased by a recluse doctor, an over-the-hill FBI agent, a maniacal assassin, and a strange old man with incredible strength and a penchant for killing, James must follow a convoluted trail to discover the truth about his past and the family he never knew he had.

Multiples of Six is available for purchase in ebook form from the following stores:

I'm also excited to announce that the Audiobook is now available through, Amazon, and iTunes!

The sample below can be read full-screen by clicking on the small square at the top of the frame. It is ~4 chapters of the book. Enjoy!

The second book in the trilogy, Divisible by Six, is now available!

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