Andy's Writing Toolkit

I thought it would be cool to collect everything I've written about writing and the self-publishing process into a single space for easy referral. I've broken it down into the two major categories I typically write about. I hope this collected information is helpful! If you like it, I hope you'll share it with your friends.


Andy's Writing ToolkitYou Won NaNoWriMo (ie, wrote a book)!? Now What? Part 2

You Won NaNoWriMo (ie, wrote a book)!? Now What? Part 1

Strategies for NaNoWriMo

Achieving Writing Goals the SMART Way

Let's Tell a Story

There's No Shortcuts in Writing/Editing


Giving My First Library Presentation

The Great eBook Pricing Dilemma

Why You Should Definitely Create a Paperback for Your eBook

A Return to Truly Social Networking

Top 10 Social Media Sites for Authors

Plotting Your Novel

6 Things to Know Before Your Author Signing

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